The Sector Comms Tote

Please click on the following links to visit the web sites of other related organisations.

28 Group links
28 Group Observed’s Facebook page
28 Group Observed’s Twitter feed

Royal Observer Corps links:
The official website of the Royal Observer Corps Association
ROCA Heritage, the website of the official National Heritage Group of the Royal Observer Corps Association
A Facebook group for those who were in the ROC and people who are interested in the heritage of the Corps.

Other related organisations’ links:
The website of Subterranea Britannica, a charity dedicated to the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places — from mines to railway tunnels, military defences to nuclear bunkers and everything in between
The Time Chamber, home of some excellent photos of ROC sites and other bunkers, derelict buildings with much related information.
Steve Scanlon’s excellent site which contains a great deal of information on the ROC and the communications systems they used.