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As always our friend Al at Portadown Post has come up with the goodies! This is a great video taken at 31 Group HQ in Lisburn in the late 80s and shows much of the equipment that we are restoring too. ...

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Things are a bit quiet for us at the moment because we can't visit the bunker during lockdown. There is some activity behind the scenes in 28 Group Labs though. Some of the team are experimenting with using Cisco routers to link up the Autex 100 telex units over the internet and we've been working with the bunker volunteers at Kelvedon Hatch to get more Autex units running there.

Gavin's got two Autex units coming up for repair from another bunker friend this week and hopefully there will be some time in the evenings and weekends to start more MSX repair work.

Stay safe and we hope to be posting more content soon.

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1 month ago

28 Group Observed SCIO

Looking over the blockhouse from the original mast ...

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