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Some photos of the work we did on getting the Autex system up and running over the internet! ...

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The bunker’s Autex units are now speaking to each other over the internet via a pair of Cisco routers. It has taken a month of work between us, our friend Pandora and our friend Sean at Kelvedon Hatch l, but we are there now and we can start to think about linking multiple bunkers together to send messages 1980s style! ...

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The bunker grass is over 2’ tall and so we’ve had to invest in a new brushcutter from Tool and Plant Services in Edinburgh. We are looking forward to firing it up next weekend and getting the compound clear again! ...

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2 weeks ago

28 Group Observed SCIO

A Message from 28 Group Observed:

Good Evening everyone, we hope youve been keeping well during the current situation we are experiencing just now.

I would like to keep you updated on our thoughts for our Tours in August It is with a heavy heart we have to announce the cancellation of our tour weekend in august, and any other possible dates for the rest of 2020 due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The saftey of our visitors is of utmost importance to us and with the layout of the bunker any sort of social distancing is virtually impossible for us, and would infact hamper our tours and your enjoyment of such a social way we run the tours.

We will hopefully be able to run more tours next year but time will tell as yet, We are deeply saddened to have to do this but we believe it is for the best and we shall hopefully see you in the next years tours,

All the best, 28 Group Observed Team

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